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Herbst ist Bastelzeit - 15+ DIY Ideen für Herbstdeko basteln mit Eicheln

Herbst ist Bastelzeit - 15+ DIY Ideen für Herbstdeko basteln mit Eicheln


DIY Geschenkidee: Geldgeschenk für Hochzeit und Geburtstag

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Shit to Make: 10 Tolle Frühlings-DIY-Projekte auf Pinterest - Hey Pretty

In Frühlingslaune? Ich auch! Darum gibt's heute zehn der schönsten DIY-Projekte auf Pinterest, die richtig Lust machen auf die ersten warmen Tage. Und ja, Blumen gibt's auch Zuhauf!


DIY: Floating Frame Herbarium - so bastelt ihr den schwebenden Rahmen!

Mit diesem Floating Frame Herbarium verleiht ihr eurer Wohnung einen botanischen Look und sorgt für einen Blickfang im Wohnzimmer!


DIY: Makramee Sommerdeko/ Weckglas mit Fischernetz als Windlicht oder Vase - Chalet8

Von wegen Makramee ist altbacken. So bastelt ihr euch ein trendiges Windlicht mit einfachen Mitteln und einer Makramee-Technik die kinderleicht ist.


10 Thanksgiving Decor Printables for Home on a Budget | Arts and Classy

Sharing Thanksgiving decor printables for your home on a mindful budget. Aside from printables, you can gain inspiration and ideas for beautiful decor.


DIY Makramee-Windlichter mit Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung - ChaosMitStil

Diese DIY Makramee-Windlichter sind ganz schnell selbstgemacht. Alles, was du dazu brauchst, sind ein paar Wollreste und leere Einmachgläser. Und natürlich meine Anleitung – viel Spaß beim Knüpfen ;-) Die gibt es hier auf dem Blog...


Monogram Crafts for Everyone - Sugar Bee Crafts

Wedding season is right around the corner, and what better gift to give than something personalized for the newlyweds? I love having some monogram projects up my sleeve for just this reason. An added bonus, is that it usually saves money to make something special as opposed to buying something and spending so much more.


60+ Nautical Decor DIY Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

Beach houses and nautical decorations are a perfect match, if there is ever one to be found. The colors of the ocean and sand set the mood for summer vacations and the little details inspire you to…


40 Creative Paper Crafts Ideas

One of my favorite DIY past times is so underrated by so many. Not sure how more people don't have a love for paper crafts. How about you? If you don't know by now how so many things there are that you can make from a simple piece of paper, you are about to learn. When you don't feel like getting out a ton of supplies or making something super complicated, paper can be your new crafting best friend. I keep a good supply of pretty papers on hand just for this purpose, in fact. I love making cards, envelopes,


20+ der besten DIY Einmachgläser (für zu Hause & mehr!) Check more at https://diygifts.germ...


Wie bewahren Sie Ihre Sommererinnerungen auf? Die meisten Leute machen Fotos und ...

Wie bewahren Sie Ihre Sommererinnerungen auf? Die meisten Leute machen Fotos und ... #auf #bewahren #die #Fotos #Ihre #Leute #machen



Paper Plate Llamas | Handmade Charlotte

Turn regular paper plates into these adorable and cuddly llama friends!


DIY Straw Rocket Craft für jedes Kinder: Selbige STEM and STEAM-Regsamkeit macht Kindern jeden Alters viel Spaß! Eine lustige Physik-Wissenschafts-Regsamkeit […]


5 DIY primaverales que desearás tener en casa | YEN Estudio

Proponemos 5 DIY de maceteros y centros de flores realizados con elementos naturales, ideales para introducir en nuestras casas esta primavera. Déjate sorprender!


DIY-Ideen: Lustige Wald-Zwerge schnitzen | HIMBEER Familienmagazin

DIY- Ideen und Bastelanleitungen im HIMBEER Familienmagazin: Lustige Wald-Zwerge schnitzen: Kreativ basteln mit Dingen aus der Natur – Schöne Basteleien für kalte Sonntage.


40 Mind Boggling Summer Life Hacks

Summer is just around the corner. Make this the best summer yet with these amazing life hacks. 1. Whip up some supper simple and healthy peanut butter and banana yogurt Popsicles (via - Home Cooking Memories) 2. Or make these not-so-healthy but totally fun (and just as simple), Sprite & Gummy Bear Popsicles (via - Makezine) 3. Keep those pesky bugs away from your drink with a cupcake liner. This is a must for anyone like me who spend their summers sippin' sweet tea on the porch!! (via - Mom4Real) 4. Keep your home and yard mosquito free with these 24 different ways to repel mosquitos (via - DIY Home Sweet Home) 5. Beat the summer heat with these diy cooling neck wraps (via - Little Birdie Secrets) 6. Forgo the ice packs on your next outing and opt for frozen water balloons instead. Once all the food has been eaten and the balloons have thawed you can have a water balloon fight. (via - Brit + Co) 7. Create a poolside organizer using a recycled pallet. (via - source unknown) 8. Or make this one from inexpensive PVC pipe. (via - eHow) 9. Transform your beach towel into this brilliant bag that unfolds into a towel with a pillow. (via - DIY Enthusiasts) 10. Let infants and toddlers play in the water at the beach while keeping them safe with an inflatable kiddie pool. (via - Baton Rouge Moms) 11. Or make your or kiddie pool by digging a hole in the sand and lining it with plastic. (via - In Lieu Of Preschool) 12. While it's best to avoid sunburns by using plenty of sunscreen, having aloe vera ice cubes on hand can be a real life saver. (via - The Frugal Female) 13. Make a handy outdoor drink holder from a recycled tin can. (via - Positively Splendid) 14. Bring a small bag of Plaster of Paris to the beach to make some fun handprint keepsakes. (via - Crafting a Green World) 15. Make your own coke slushy. (via - 1000lifehacks) 16. Spend a lazy afternoon reading a book on this cozy pallet swing. (via - source unknown) 17. Keep cool with this peppermint cooling spray. (via - One Essential Community) 18. Recycle your old shampoo and conditioner bottles and make a water balloon station. (via - Find It Make It Love It) 19. Transform a muffin tin into a condiment serving station. (via - Billy Parisi) 20. Simply stick a Popsicle stick into individual yogurt cups and freeze. Easiest frozen yogurt pops ever. (via - One Good Thing By Jillee) 21. This strawberry lemonade tea recipe is the perfect drink for summer. (via - Wonky Wonderful) 22. Create a summer boredom buster jar for kids. (via - While He Was Napping) 23. Make some delicious cotton candy ice cream. (via - Homemade Hooplah) 24. Keep drinks cool in this Ikea hacked TARVA ice chest. (via - Ikea Hackers) 25. Create an outdoor hand washing station with a recycled laundry detergent container. (via - source unknown) 26. Enjoy late nights outdoors with this diy solar lamp. (via - Houzz) 27. Or attach a few solar lights to your fence to create some outdoor night lights. (via - source unknown) 28. Provide your guests with fun seating option by painting old metal chairs in bright colors. (via - The Moon And Me) 29. Make a grill set holder to keep all your grilling tools in one handy location. (via - Lil Luna) 30. Make individual S'mores roasters. (via - source unknown) 31. Use a fitted sheet as a table cloth. Won't flip off in the wind!! (via - source unknown) 32. Use a clay pot as a drink dispenser stand. (via - Refresh Restyle) 33. A kiddie pool filled with ice is perfect for keeping food cool (and safe to eat) during an outdoor get-together. (via - source unknown) 34. Create instant seating for kids with this fold and store picnic table. (via - Amazon) 35. Cupcake liners will keep Popsicles from dripping down your arm. (via - source unknown) 36. Keep the kids entertained with a game of water balloon baseball. (via - Over Stuffed Life) 37. Make some ice cream in a bag. (via - Growing A Jeweled Rose) 38. Try some delicious campfire hot dogs. (via - Frugal Coupon Living) 39. Try out this portable bucket air conditioner for those really hot days. (via - eHow) 40. Make Your Own Solar Oven. (via - I Can Teach My Child) What are your favorite summer life hacks? Please share your best tips and tricks in the comments below. Related posts you may enjoy: Free Organizing Printables Genius Ideas For Organizing Your Kitchen 8 Ways To Organize Your Garage 5 Genius Under-Sink Storage Solutions Kitchen Organizing and Remodeling Ideas For Every Budget 6 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas You Must See How to Organize for $0.00 150+ Organizing Tips & Tricks Brilliant DIY Projects to Organize your Office Connect with me & stay up to date with new posts on DIYHSH Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ | Instagram Wait!! Do you want to see more amazing DIY projects?!! Subscribe to my mailing list to get updates sent straight to your inbox!


Dala Horse Party Craft

Cut Dala horse shapes from cardboard and let the kids paint and embellish - perfect party craft!


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How to make easy DIY photo coasters

How to make easy DIY photo coasters, perfect for gift giving! #photocoasters #coasters #crafts #diycoasters


10 DIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget


Home activity


Osterdeko basteln: Ideen für Osterdekoration

Osterdeko muss nicht immer kitschig sein. Es geht auch süß, cool oder elegant. Hier kommen schöne Deko Ideen für Ostern, die im Handumdrehen Osterstimmung in eure vier Wände zaubern - zum Selbermachen, Nachkaufen oder einfach als Inspiration!


Mason Jar Lid Lighted Pumpkin

Mason Jar Lid Lighted Pumpkin- adorable fall DIY project craft to make. Halloween home decoration for inside. Lights inside so it looks cool at night. Fun pumpkin decor.


10 Tips to Keeping Your Car Clean and Organized- Even with kids! - Wrapped in Rust

Tips and tricks to organizing your car, even with your kids!


Steine bemalen: 40 Ideen für originelles Basteln mit Steinen

Zwei sind die üblichen Herangehensweisen wenn Sie Steine bemalen. Sie können diese dekorieren oder ihnen „eine Seele einhauchen“. Im ersten Fall tragen ...